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hello everyone

Okay... so I'm sure it's kinda obvious I'm not posting here anymore. We are currently out of the big artbook. 
I'm not sure when international orders will be up again. I'm hoping sometime soon considering most of our items right now
are relatively small meaning shipping won't be a pain in the arse.

We have a facebook page if you'd like to "like" us. If we start international orders, it'll be posted there.

Thank you,


kine in aqua

If you placed an order, I know I haven't got back to you. I ended up taking a lot of time getting the website ready and it screwed up my schedule big time. I'm currently lacking sleep... T.T

but! I'll take a nap and I promise I'll get back to you guys today.... :(
Sorry for the wait....

kine in Aqua all done!

If you missed my post yesterday...

Kine in Aqua English website is all done, as well as the international orders.
The English website looks rather pretty bad in firefox (looks fine in IE, can you guess what browser Kine uses? :P)
We'll work on it getting firefox friendly... but until then... uh... yeah...

Please note the process for the international orders has changed... so be sure to read "How to Order"

Now I'm going to pass out and die.

You wouldn't believe how much work I put in... *dies*
I was planning to finish setting up international orders before putting up the english website, but Kine had to work on a few urgent work so she didn't have time to give me the images of the items. So I went ahead and worked on putting up the website instead.


I know it says international orders is up, but it actually isn't. I'm going to go grab dinner and finish setting up the international orders,
but well... I'm kinda tired from working on the website so it might not happen right away... (I know it's mostly just translating the thing but Kine uses the frame-in-frame method with the website, so I don't really know how a page will look unless I load the thing on a browser, and then change x kazillion times = tiredness and "I want to cry") And opening international orders requires a long time of photoshop... *dies* and I have a MAJOR test in Physical Methods of Biochemistry on tuesday...

So out to get some groceries and maybe something to eat.

Check out the website :D

Yay yearly posting. I'll try to keep up more. We'll see how it goes.

I'll be sending out an email if you're on the mailing list, but writing posts is a lot easier so I thought
I'd post the info here first.

First, I'm going to open international orders. Of course, this means hours of editing product pictures,
etc... but hopefully I can open it somewhere around mid February at the latest.

Second, I'm going to work on translating the Korean website into English so the English website mirrors
the Korean one Kine made a few months back. I'm hoping to get this done end of February.
So back on the international orders.

Kine printed the yearly calendars... and a FREAKIN ART BOOK WITH 160 PAGES!!!
(Yes, you may fan girl/fan boy/squeal now lol) There's also the vocaloid felt bags and Arcobaleno bookmarks.



There's also an event for getting little stationery stuff if you get both artbook and calendar.

I will also post here when the international order is up if you are keeping up with my yearly(...) blog. lol;

Keep it sweet kiddos!

Kine's bday... and site renewal;

So... Kine in Aqua will officially become the full out website mode in March 8th... hopefully.
In case you haven't visited the website some time ago... the current "empty looking" website
is sorta... what you would call a dormant version... It's basically what you put up that functions before
getting the full blown out designs ready.

Kine's birthday is on the 8th... <-notices that the calendar on the wall says February... (I should go change it)
I'm not sure what to send her. I haven't really sent her anything on her bday till now... mostly because I forget until
day of... and then it's sorta too late to order her anything since I'm in the US and she's in Korea... and sending
takes a long time unless I have lots of money to burn... which I don't.

My fall back option is delicious rice cakes...(I can order it online and have a Korean company ship it to her)
although... everytime I do order rice cakes online for someone... I want to cry cause I can't have them...
(they won't ship overseas... for obvious reasons and rice cake in the US don't taste quite right unless you get
 it from a store in an asian town or something... anyhow if anyone has a better suggestion for a last minute bday gift,
feel free to comment.  

translation question

I'm going to be translating a ninja turtles comic <bodycount>
from English to Korean... I haven't received the book yet, but I did get
to skim through it at the APPLE COMIC company (Korean art book/comic company)

Casey: "No one calls me mister and gets away with it"

Normally, I won't have any issue with the line.

But since I have to translate it... I can't help but wonder...

.... exactly why is it (calling a guy, mister) an insult?


ps. Kine in Aqua international orders will start Feb. 10th.

Kine in Aqua new item!

I don't want to post the images right here on livejournal since it has no protection against
wrongful stealing... so check out the new "Spades" suit of Reborn!

* It may take a long time load. Korea has really fast internet... so the blog doesn't accomodate
us with slow internet very well....*

The last image of Ciel (Joker) of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is a present if you buy all 13 cards.
This will be available for international orders mind January - end of January.

In case you are not familiar with the drill, we take orders for 2 weeks and then close till next time.


random revelation + kine in Aqua schedule

Random Revelation:

Eating pickles on an empty stomach will make you sick...
*groans* <-but keeps eating it

Kine in Aqua schedule:
We'll probably start taking the international orders again in either December or January.
But probably mid to end of January since that's when I will be back from Korea. 

Possible new items include:
Playing cards (aka poker cards) - probably one suit (so one of hearts, spades, clovers or diamonds
2009 Calendar? <-this might get pushed to february or March... but Kine's calendars start in March
so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.


Vote Texas!

Okay... maybe the title sounds bigger than it is...

I'll be voting tomorrow at the UT campus as early voting... as I realized if I miss this
time and go for the regular one... I have to take the bus to this unknown place...
(I'm sure it's a known place... it's just that... I don't know... *cough*

I picked up the "voter's guide" provided by the <League of Women voters> for Texas.
I started deligently reading it... but kinda gave up after the Texas Supreme Court Justice.
(What~ it's long dang it... ;_;)

So I'll be voting for... prez, Texas representing US Senator, railroad commisioner, and
Texas Supreme Court Justice. I'm in good shape if I manage to remember which one's which... 

I'm just a tad bit debating about prez though I'm pretty sure who I'm voting for...